Pedals of the Month

These are the pedals that are impressing us this month!

The Raygun FX Twin Fuel Driver is a fantastic two-channel drive pedal, offering up two tones per channel. Keep each channel independent, or stack them for added saturation and bite.

The Zander Circuitry American Geek is for those after that silicon Big Muff sound but with additional tonal tweakability. Zander Circuitry has included its signature 6-way clipping selector, allowing you to experiment with germanium, LED, transistor and MOSFET as well as the classic silicon flavour.

The Stompnorth Midgie Booster is point-to-point wired by hand and packed full of NOS goodies including a Jupiter capacitor. With 20dB of gain on tap it's more than capable of pushing a valve amp into rich and harmonic overdrive. If that's not enough, you can also select between silicon or germanium clipping.