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RED NOISE Stone Blender

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Founder Ariel describes the Red Noise Stone Blender as "a complete fuzz engine" for your pedalboard.

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Although it's based on the 1990s Sola Sound Tone Bender circuit, its 4-way Diode Switch control lets you pick from four different clipping options for more versatility:

1N60 (Green) - Purry, germanium overdrive-like fuzz, offering volume boost and added crunch

1N4148 (Red) - Sizzling up top while punching you in the gut, this is the 1990’s Sola Sound Tone Bender sound - a classic fuzz tone

Yellow LED (Yellow) - A loud and aggressive character

Blue LED (Blue) - Extremely distorted and high gain in character, this is full-blown and in your face. And yes, it goes to 11...

The Red Noise Stone Blender is built around NOS Toshiba 2SC2240 transistors, with sturdy Alpha pots and that addictive NOS germanium diode.

The De-Clip control alters the tonal balance and presence of the mids, enabling you to bring your instrument forward in the mix, whether you are using a guitar or bass (Ariel is a bassist and this pedal is more than capable of some 4-string thunder!)


  • Volume, Tone, Fuzz, Diode and De-Clip controls
  • New Old Stock Japanese Transistors (Toshiba 2SC2240)
  • New Old Stock Germanium Diode (1N60)
  • Alpha Pots
  • 4-way diode selection (1N60, 1N4148, Yellow LED, Blue LED)
  • True Bypass
  • 100% handwired in Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Power: 9V power supply, centre-negative (not included)

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