STOMPNORTH Clipshear Getter Drive front transparent | Boost Guitar Pedals
STOMPNORTH Clipshear Getter Drive front transparent | Boost Guitar Pedals
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STOMPNORTH Clipshear Getter Drive


Stompnorth's flagship pedal combines MOSFET, valve, and silicon and germanium diodes to achieve a multitude of low to mid-gain tones.

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Duncan MacKinnon designed this pedal to be an integral part of your rig, an 'always on' pedal that enhances your core tone. Based around a 12AU7/ECC82 valve, it can thicken up your tone and layer on harmonically rich gain in a progressive way, enhancing rather than masking your core tone.

The Stompnorth Clipshear Getter Drive provides up to 21dB of boost that can really drive the input of your valve amp, but the analogue character and true valve gain also makes it a brilliant solution for recording.


The Gain control adjusts the amount of pre-amplification applied to the input of the valve circuit, and can be used in conjunction with the Volume control to “goose” the front end of your amp, or Clipshear’s valve circuit.

The Valve control adds gain to the valve signal path, which produces an amazingly responsive and transparent overdrive ranging from subtle boost to sweet overdrive. Used in tandem with the Gain control, you can achieve tons of sustain and a thick overdrive sound.

The Si / Ge / Off toggle switch adds silicon or germanium diode clipping to the signal path. Engaging it with high gain settings turns an overdrive tone into distortion, or at lower settings to a responsive crunch. Si is transparent and precise, Ge is “squidgy” and vintage. Note that engaging either diode results in a considerable volume drop. This is normal.

Use the active Volume control to either trim the output of the Clipshear Getter Drive to parity with the bypassed signal, increase the volume of the signal when the diodes are engaged, or to drive your amp’s input. There's also enough headroom to experiment with rolling back guitar volume to further expand the range of available textures.

The blue power indicator glows when the Clipshear Getter Drive is connected to an appropriate live power supply. When the pedal is activated, an orange indicator light glows from within the pedal.

Handmade in the UK from the highest quality components - just take a look at that beautiful Jupiter capacitor! - the Stompnorth Clipshear Getter Drive is perfect if you're after superb translation of your core tone for low to mid-gain purposes.


  • Gain, Volume, Valve, Si/Ge/Off controls
  • 12au7/ECC82 Valve drive with silicon and germanium diode clipping
  • 21dB of boost
  • Highest quality components
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Power: 9V power adaptor (min 100mA), centre-negative (not included) 

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