STOMPNORTH Midgie Booster Overdrive

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Designed as an 'always on' pedal, the Stompnorth Midgie Booster Overdrive features a single MOSFET transistor offering over 20dB of boost, with selectable silicon or germanium diode clipping.

This handmade pedal is wired point-to-point and features high quality components, such as the large Jupiter capacitor which takes pride of place.

From subtle harmonics and gentle boost to vintage crunch, this pedal brings the vintage vibes. Throw in the option to select either silicon or germanium clipping for different flavours and this is a fantastic loud clean boost/mild overdrive pedal that you'll never want to turn off.

Oh, and the power indicator features several of the finest Inner Hebrides midges, personally collected by Stompnorth founder, Duncan!

This is a superb, super-stackable pedal, working just as well after a clean boost or before another overdrive.


  • Volume, Gain, Overdrive & Boost Controls
  • High quality components
  • Power: 9V power adaptor, centre-negative (not included)

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The Germanium circuit is beautiful!