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ZANDER CIRCUITRY SiClone Chaos Initiator

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From it’s humble beginnings as a modified 'factory' circuit, the SiClone Chaos Initiator has since developed into the chaotic 8-knob monstrosity you see before you. The SiClone can take you from low gain vintage-style fuzz tones right through to complete sonic annihilation!

Featuring plenty of controls, there is scope to push your imagination with this pedal. Use the Shunt control to tame feedback and create sharp, stuttering decay.

Squash compresses the attack, creating a synth-like sound as you turn the dial up.

Starve restricts the voltage to the circuit, creating beautiful dying-battery sounds.

Bright allows you to dial in just the right amount of high frequencies, while Body enables you to emphasise or cut the low end. Punch controls the mid-range frequencies.

The Tone footswitch allows you to bypass the Bright and Punch controls to give a fat, mid-rich fuzz tone with a higher output, although the output can be reduced by means of an internal trim pot.


  • Shunt, Squash, Starve, Bright, Level, Body, Punch, Fuzz & Tone controls
  • Super-versatile fuzz pedal
  • Power: 9V power adaptor, centre-negative (not included)


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